We’re not for everyone.

Our view is that the recruitment model hasn’t changed for years (unless you include fishing for talent on LinkedIn) and yet the world around us has changed dramatically. Clients still seem to have the same issues; too many candidates being put forward, not enough knowledge to find the right recruit and people putting on a great performance at the interview only for them not to be a good fit when employed. We therefore felt the need to offer a change in approach.

We’re doing things differently and as we evolve so will our processes. Below we’ve listed some of those things and how they benefit our clients. If this is something that excites you please feel free to contact us and let’s talk. If you don’t, no worries, you’re obviously someone who doesn’t wish to be different.

Understanding the importance of cultural integration.

In our opinion CV shifters are 10 a penny so at Difrent we focus on delivering candidates that not only possess the necessary technical skills for the job, but will fit the company culture as well.

Stringent candidate selection through our 3 step testing programme.

To ensure we can deliver the best possible selection of applicants, all candidates have to complete our technical, psychometric and leadership skills testing programme before being put forward to the client.

Dedicated account managers.

We understand that clients prefer continuity and want to communicate with the same point of contact. Our dedicated Account Managers are always available to ensure our business meets with our clients’ requirements and all our delivery is exceeding expectations.

Video CVs & Skype Interviews.

The days of sending over 20-page CVs are over and at Difrent we prefer to take advantage of the modern digital tools that are at our disposal to enhance the client experience and speed up candidate delivery.

Sector knowledge.

All of our recruitment employees have either worked in IT as a consultant or delivery team member and know their tech. This way they can question clients on their requirements and know what questions and skills to look for. How could we do our job if they didn’t?

Continuous development programmes for candidates.

We’re not just different for our clients. We also need to be different for our candidates. So we provide them with access to eLearning tech platforms, leadership and management skills programmes through our partners and at a fraction of the price. Why? Because they are our clients as well.

We don’t just place individuals, we create teams.

Because we get IT, we can help clients create entire delivery teams from the top down. Whether that be for transformation projects, pure support teams or top tier interims and their project managers. We have the expertise in house to help clients define needs to ensure a successful project.