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Jo Brown
April 29, 2016

When working with our marketing agency we had many, many conversations about what we actually do. You see we are a recruitment agency but REALLY don’t wish to be tarred by the same brush as all the rest. We think we are different, hence our name. We feel the time is right, technology has advanced and both businesses and candidates deserve a better standard from our industry. We tried consultant hat on but it didn’t fit, we aren’t consultants. We tried coming up with new names that explained what we do but it became confusing to the client. So we decided that we would simply need to create a new higher bar within our industry and see if others could or did follow.

From our side we create project teams, match individuals who will be working together on a singular project and help the client put together a unit that works well. Creating a better guarantee of successful implementation. We understand our industry as we have all worked in it at one time or another and can advise a client on what is required to ensure a successful implementation. We use technology to help our clients find out as much about who someone is not just the skill sets they have obtained. Using the latest psychometric testing, video CV’s and leadership/management testing if it is required we give a more rounded view of the people we are suggesting a client should employ. We have partnerships with management, leadership and tech e-learning businesses so that we can offer our candidates access to cheaper educative platforms to help them advance their careers.

Request feedback from our clients every two months and take our candidates out for lunch every two months to get their feedback. We are excited to learn more, understand better and grow.

Is this what YOU have come to expect from your recruitment agency? Thought not. Hence why we don’t wish to be thought of as one.

Don’t get us wrong we LOVE our industry we just feel that some very poor methods have been employed by it and it is now time for a change. Test us out and maybe you will enjoy a Difrent experience a Difrent result and a Difrent industry model.