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Jo Brown
April 29, 2016

What makes us so Difrent?

When we came up with the name Difrent it was simply down to our MD Steve Dhillon and the MD of our creative agency Cliff Findlay spending a day together and beating up our vision of what we wished to stand for. Steve’s vision of what recruitment should be in this world.

Repeatedly the word different was spoken. Every time they discussed what would be provided to our clients and candidates and the vision of the company they kept saying ‘we want to be different. Hence the name. But hey we can’t just say it and not be it. It’s all well and good telling the market you are different but if we then behave like everyone else, it’s just a name. It means nothing.

So internally and with the aid of the marketing company we started to discuss what kind of company we wished to be, how we could be different to anyone else in our industry, how this had to be for both the client AND the candidate and how we could process that difference so that it was scalable, deliverable, supportable.

The fact that we often supply clients with full project teams and match individuals who will be working together on a singular project, have an in depth knowledge of our industry and repeatedly help clients implement projects on time and on budget wasn’t enough. Many can claim that. Whether they do or not is a different matter (there it is again!) we needed more.

We knew clients needed a clearer view of candidates before they interviewed them face to face so that it saved them time so we decided to use the latest psychometric testing, video CV’s and leadership/management testing to give a more rounded view of candidate. We created partnerships with management, leadership and IT e-learning businesses so that we can offer our candidates access to cheaper educative platforms to help them advance their careers.

We decided that we wanted constant feedback from both sides so we will meet our clients monthly and take our candidates out for lunch every two months to get that feedback.

We have a few more tricks up our sleeve including; getting access to tech platforms we know our clients require and agreeing sole rights to implement them across Europe, we are building a centre of excellence in India to further enable our clients businesses and a few other things we’ll keep quiet about for now. We don’t want to tell the competition everything.

So why are we so Difrent? Because we choose to be.