Partnering with us.

At Difrent we partner with various organisations that can support our candidates, create first mover advantage to our clients and require support from our services. 

Often you require access to teams of individuals who can help implement your plans. You may wish to help your clients find the best fit both from a skill and cultural fit or help manage yourself out of a project. Difrent support many consultancies in this way and also help them by giving them access to our other partner relationships. We currently work across five continents in the public and private sectors and have strong relationships with many large corporate organisations. If you would like to discuss this further please call our MD Steve Dhillon and we’ll happily discuss how we can create a win-win relationship. 

We currently support and provide access to multiple software platforms (some on an exclusive basis) for our clients. We recommend best fit solutions when asked and information on new tech developments where they become apparent. If you have a unique corporate solution, believe you fit with our ethos and values and wish to discuss how we might aid you in accessing corporate or governmental contacts please feel free to contact us. We are always interested in breakthrough technology that can help and support our clients businesses.

Complimentary services
Difrent offer all of our candidates the chance to progress their learning and careers through multiple partners. We currently provide voice, management, leadership, technical and presentation skills programmes and provide letting services to candidates who need to relocate. If you feel that you have a complimentary service that would benefit our candidates and help them either with their careers or make life easier for them please do get in contact. However please be aware that we drive a hard bargain on behalf of our clients as we wish to offer them more than they can simply find for themselves within the marketplace.